Zombie Apocalypse: Empty the Prisons | Popp Culture

Terrence Popp
Terrence Popp
16 Jul 2020

⁣This Throwback Thursday, we remember Popp's warning of what may happen when a prison population is unleashed on the country. It's not like stunning and brave Democrat governors around the country are doing that or anything....
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4 months ago

Yep they are a Flat Tire! 80% stay a Flat Tire for life without the real taste of a cold Flat Tire that we get to enjoy! Another good choice of a cold one! "Flat Tire in the house!"

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ReddDawn 1 year ago

sounds like we need to surround the prisons with the Militia and pick them off as they let them out. they won't want to come out...

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JokerBox 1 year ago

I say we execute murderers and child molestors, broadcast it on pay per view and use the money to pay for the system and helping families. morbid? So are murderers and molesters.

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Gerry Conway
Gerry Conway 1 year ago

FANTASTIC!!! I absolutely LOVE this series!!!
I forwarded the series to The White House soon after you published it on YT and I got a genuine letter of appreciation from whatever secretary responded. Especially concerned about "ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE 2 THE NEXT 9-11"
Blessings and THANKS to you, Popp!!!

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