⁣Zionism, 'Talmudic' Judaism, Freemasonry [+The Illuminati], and Catholicism are ideologic

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
24 Sep 2021

⁣Zionism, 'Talmudic' Judaism, Freemasonry [+The Illuminati], and Catholicism are ideologically identical. Created by same people serving the same purpose!

Brief Summary:
Jesuits [ZIONIST JEWS] --> Created Freemasonry ---> Which Infiltrated and Control the Illuminati --> Skull and Bones, Every other secret society

Who are the Jesuits? https://youtu.be/LpAV524fBFw
Official WLC Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheWLCvideos

The Jesuits: Who are they exactly? This "Society of Jesus" would be more aptly named the "Society of Satan." Why is pope Francis a member...?

WordDox DropBox with ALL the research, sources and literature.

The Jesuit Order Exposed - Stillness in the Storm

History of the Jesuits'

Jesuit Secrets Revealed - Secret Instructions of the Jesuits

The Jesuits A Brief Overview

The Jesuits are a religious group founded in 1534 by Ignatius de Loyola a Spanish Basque Catholic military man from the lesser nobility. His mission was at that time to assist the pope in restoring the power of the Roman Catholic church which was waning due to the return of Biblical truth and freedom to the people of Europe as a direct result of the explosive power of the Protestant Reformation. The Jesuits began a program of subversion to infiltrate governments in Europe fomenting dissent, revolution and war by destabilising monarchies through conspiracy, propaganda, intrigue and assassination in order to reinstate Catholic leaders in every country. This program of "terror" has continued "unabated" to the present day as the Jesuits insinuate their systems of control over "free" societies everywhere.

They also continued to perpetuate that horrifying instrument of "control" instituted by the Dominicans called the 'inquisition' by which power, over centuries, untold millions were tortured and murdered as 'heretics' for refusing to bend their knee to the pope and the authority of the Roman church and to denounce their faith in Jesus Christ and the Bible!

​See Foxes Book Of Martyrs for further insight.


The Jesuit Conspiracy With Johnny Cirucci. Video mirrored from Mig Mag You Tube channel at: youtu.be/6lSgsOU9OiI

From 1540 to the present day a successive pattern of wars can be seen erupting at regular intervals across the world revealing upon close scrutiny a diabolical hidden hand at work. The Jesuits have been expelled from over 83 countries, city-states and cities between 1555 and 1931 for trafficking in deception, spying, infiltration, assassination, and revolution. They were considered by many authorities to be the most dangerous organisation in the world. In 1573 they used Adam Weishaupt to found the 'Illuminati' in Bavaria as a smokescreen in order to covertly extend their control over governments and rulers. This secret organisation is still working behind the scenes today through many round table committees such as the CFR , Trilateral Commission or Bilderberg Group and meet regularly to plan world events. The Jesuits control the worlds intelligence agencies including the CIA, KGB, Mossad, ASIS, MI6 and MSS among others and are gradually collecting data covertly through these agencies giving them a complete profile on every living soul.

Everything is meticulously planned decades and centuries in advance and nothing can stop their agenda for world control this late in the game. This incredibly wealthy organisation is a law unto itself and is responsible for the perpetual swathe of violence and death and the destruction of innocent civilians caught in endless conflicts. Indeed, these conflicts result in chaos, which they turn to their own advantage in order to secure tighter control. Their philosophy is "divide and conquer" and 'Order from Chaos.' They create the madness and then they offer frightened people their solution for safety and security in exchange for loss of freedoms and a totalitarian or communist system.

The Jesuits are the enemies of mankind, 'peace' and God!
“We came in like lambs and will rule like wolves. We shall be expelled like dogs and return like eagles.”

Source: Francesco Borgia, Third Jesuit Superior General.
The Jesuits control all arms of the Roman Catholic Church infiltrating Protestant churches everywhere using "ecumenicism" as a covert front in order to subvert the gospel message until their work of deceiving the whole world is complete. Catholicism is a 'pseudo christian' cult, a false religion parading as the 'truth.' The Jesuit program is aimed at the complete control of world finance, trade, governments, education and religions in order to merge all under the authority of a 'one world government.' Through their schools and universities they have raised up generations of men and women sympathetic to Marxist ideals and collectivism as the answer to social ills. Hitler actually modelled his 'SS' on the Jesuits and the 'Catholic Church.'

"…the SS organization had been constituted according to the principles of the Jesuit Order."
Source: "The Secret History of the Jesuits," by Edmond Paris, p. 164

Download File http://www.darknessisfalling.c....om/uploads/2/3/7/0/2

The Jesuits are responsible for the invention and promotion of divisive and destructive ideologies like, communism, feminism, liberalism, environmentalism, fascism, evolution, helio-centrism, materialism, atheism, trans-humanism and the formation of the major cults like Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) as well as numerous other groups and organisations espousing heretical twists on Biblical truth, in particular, the New Age movement. Jesuits are behind the rise of the occult, paganism, witchcraft and 'Luciferianism' in the 19th century through secret societies like 'Theosophy, 'Rosicrucianism' and 'Freemasonry.'

The rising tide of witchcraft and satanism in the 20th century is no accident. Satanic rituals with human 'blood' sacrifices are performed to 'open' portals into the 'spiritual' realm. Unleashing dark forces and summoning 'demons' increases crime, social unrest, aberrant behaviour, violence and madness. This is what the Jesuits desire. With every assault, peaceful and unwitting societies everywhere slip further into the control of government, police, military and ultimately the Jesuits who control them all!!
There is in fact no place where Jesuit influence isn't found today. Many NGO's are started by Jesuits to increase their infiltration into societies everywhere under the guise of charities and social agencies. Hollywood is a Jesuit film enterprise peddling entertainment but is in reality a 'propaganda' machine carrying out a massive worldwide psychological operation program on the minds of billions of people.

Inserted into the movies are 'concepts' and character models that inculcate 'rebellion' and 'evil' desires in the hearts of impressionable young people. Themes of lust, violence, greed, pride and selfishness subtly take root in minds and hearts causing anger, fear, confusion, contempt for authority and false illusions about 'life.' This social engineering is being done to deliberately undermine and destroy the stable, moral and peaceful fabric of communities and societies.
'Talmudic' Judaism, Catholicism and Freemasonry are ideologically identical. They are pagan systems of 'control' secretly worshipping and serving 'Lucifer' as their god. They both work to corrupt and undermine systems of 'morality' in all societies. The lust for money and power is insatiable in all three as these are seen as a means to an 'end.' The idea of 'Catholicism' or 'universalism' is pantheistic so all three systems encourage their 'adherents' to lie and deceive others in order to seduce new converts from other belief systems into theirs. Slowly, over time the tentacles of this satanic religious system with roots in ancient Babylon are ensnaring people of all faiths. Today, most Christian churches are controlled by ministers who are also Freemasons with allegiance first to the "Lodge" and the "Brotherhood" of masons and not to Jesus Christ the head of the church.

Probably the most insidious ideological invention to come from Rome thus far is 'Environmentalism' the new 'Green' religion, with 'Mother Earth' as the object of veneration and worship. This movement is gaining momentum and is successfully entrapping the minds of alternative 'a-religious' people and others outside the religious 'mainstream' especially the younger generations worldwide that have been completely 'programmed' through the Jesuit controlled (government) education systems, mainstream media and Hollywood entertainment.
Read more Here http://vaticannewworldorder.blogspot.com.au/

The interconnection between the Knights Templar, Freemasonry, Jesuits (and Illuminati)

The Hidden Hand Of The Order Of The Illuminati, Freemasonry And The Occult
The Jesuit Order Exposed

Adam Weishaupt and the Jesuit, Illuminati and Freemasonry Connection


Luciferian Jesuits & Deistic Freemasons: The Synagogue Of Satan!

The Jesuit-Created Freemasonic Frauds of Religion

Watch the video: 'Who Are the Jesuits?'

"Who Are The Jesuits?" Mirrored From PSA 197 You Tube Channel At: youtu.be/LpAV524fBFw
Original Source: Worlds Last Chance
Watch the video: "The Scary Truth About the Catholic Church"

"The Scary Truth Of The Roman Catholic Church"
Mirrored From SoulJa Of God You Tube Channel At: www.youtube.com/watch? v=_iSw7xcg7vQ&feature=youtu.be


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