23 Jun 2022

YouTube supports LGBTQ movement, which includes little kids dressing up in clothes of the other sex.

Comments were turned off on this youtube video - wonder why?

What is the government's end game? Why does YouTube post this but takes down the truth on what is going on in the world?

Look at YouTube's LGBTQ info on this clown video....

⁣This Pride, let’s ALL come through for LGBTQ+ youth and The Trevor Project.
Join the #YouTubePrideChallenge on Shorts.

1. Create a Short in the YouTube app
2. Add the exclusive cover of “I’m Coming Out” by Halsey
3. Show how you’re stepping out for Pride
4. Use the hashtag #YouTubePrideChallenge

YouTube is continuing its longstanding partnership with The Trevor Project. For every Short you create, YouTube will make a donation to The Trevor Project in support of LGBTQ+ youth.

You create, YouTube donates!
Come through, y’all!

YouTube will donate min. $250K plus $1/qualifying Short (up to $1M total).

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RoxyTube 8 days ago

Comments were turned off on this YouTube LGBTQ video on evil tube....wonder why?

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