YouTube Rewind 2020 is the best YouTube Rewind EVER

23 Nov 2021

YouTube Rewind 2020 is the best YouTube Rewind ever and if you disagree I don't fricking like you!!!

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DISCLAIMER: All the content that I upload to this channel is meant only as satire and comedy. I have no ill will towards anyone I talk about in my videos. Please do not attack anyone or anything I talk about.
Tnx :)

YouTube Rewind is an annual music video produced by youtube every year to show what happened in the past 12 months. Most people however don't enjoy YouTube Rewind for it's fakeness and cringe ideas. The public disapproval of YouTube Rewind culminated in YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controlls Rewind | #YouTubeRewind in which YouTube failed miserably with fulfilling their promise of giving us a good Rewind.. it featured Will Smith and Casey Neistat yelling "k-pop!!" and is so far the most disliked video on the entire YouTube platform. Next year they tried making it up by creating YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record , which was just a glorified WatchMojo top 10 video.
This lead to youtubers like PewDiePie, Grandayy, Flying Kitty and Mr. Beast to team up and create their own version of YouTube Rewind called "youtube rewind, but it's actually good" which aims to fix everything YouTube failed at.
Anyway, I was getting pretty hyped about making a video on this year's YouTube Rewind, when YouTube announced on Twitter that there will be no YouTube Rewind 2020 persumably due to the pandemic. Kinda dissapointed I realised, I could still make a video about YouTube Rewind 2020, even if there is none, so here you go :)

#youtube #rewind2020 #youtuberewind2020

Pretty dark down here huh? ◉_◉

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