Youtube Bans 'Misinformation', They Should Start With Our Incompetent Psychopath 'Lea

Aimless News
Aimless News
01 Oct 2021

Main Stream Media is the enemy of the people -

What is Agenda 2030 -

Electric vehicles are a joke -

No talking about vaccines, you are banned -

Youtube bans all "misinformation," they should start with these people -

These people will go to there grave endorsing the clot shot -

Now you know it's completely fake, dems vote against covid tests -

NY state is going full nazi -

Restless Anal Syndrome -

First nurse to get vaxxed is now dead -

Better be careful about flying with vaxxed pilots -

There's help for woke snowflake jounalists -

He was installed, like a toilet -

How to trap an alligator, or is it a crocodile -

Steve Inman -

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