You really thinks Trump is not President?

Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors
11 Nov 2021

⁣President Trump’s motorcade leaving the National Republican Congressional Committee dinner in Tampa last night.

That sure is a heavy amount of security for a former POTUS


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thekennard 2 months ago

The knowledgeable know he is still president and with the Biden show going on he can continue to concentrate on draining the massive swamp instead of being attacked by the media.

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Joshua S
Joshua S 2 months ago

Okay great… So if Trump is President why are SMs (Service Members) being relieved of command of being chaptered under ( Failure to adapt) for not getting the vaccine? Why are medical professionals around the Country losing their jobs for not getting the vaccine? You all do know a President is in charge of the Federal Government?? The Federal mandate through OSHA and Medicare is active so why? On November 15th 32,000 medical professionals are going on Strike. Go look it up. These are two of many issues I have. So Trump is President….That means he is responsible for all this destruction to the military and the healthcare system. I know I know…get mad and say something ignorant because I ask a question that challenges your bias. Oh yeah?? Why let our borders be overrun? This is irreversible damage. So should I say….Thanks?

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