Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
19 Sep 2021

- PART 1

"To understand the past is to understand the future,
the successful men in every line of life are those
who look ahead, whose keen foresight enables them
to probe into the future, not by magic,
but by patiently acquired knowledge.
To see clearly what the world has done and why
is too see at least vaguely what the world will do and when".

What causes "Antisemitism"?
Why do people start to hate Jews?
Is it just because of their religion?
Is it just because they are a race?
Is it just because they have money?
Or is it something else?

EVERY human being has its limits.
One can poke on ones arm 1, 2, 1000, 6.000.000 times,
eventually the other person will hit back.

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MOTHERofGOD 9 days ago

Jews created Christianity, Islam, Nazi & Anti-Semitism to make themselves to remain relevant. The NWO will NOT include non Jews. they seek to exterminate all outsiders! How convenient it is to keep us divided. https://www.bitchute.com/video/0vsssIASFqiO/

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Art_Holland 30 days ago

In 3 terms in respective historic time frames:
In Paul’s time it was Supersessionism.
In Catholic times it was Replacement Theology.
In Protestant times (1850s to present) it is Covenant Theology.
Into this add the extreme manic depressive personality and writings of Luther on how to mistreat and kill Jews.
Later, in the ignobly name Age of Enlightenment and demonic works of Nietze, Freud, Darwin, Dewey et al, in WW2 add the Marxist/Nazism indoctrination of the Mideast by Hitler’s Nazis yielding the first class (of whom, Yasir Arafat was among!) of Marxist Mideast indoctrinees. It started with a complete misunderstanding of God’s promises to Israel being stolen by Messianics, Catholics and Protestants leaving the Jews only the curses.

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RuthWindham 1 month ago

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