Why Did Astra-Zeneca Manufacture 'COVID-19 Vaccine' in July of 2018 & Plane Crashes Ar

Aimless News
Aimless News
14 Oct 2021

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Karen Mack
Karen Mack 2 months ago

I believe that I caught this "flu" and recovered and that this is the reason I didn't catch covid so far now in the main outbreak. Never been so sick in my life and a cough lasted a year, not the only one to catch it. Also, witnessed the military in a twin prop helicopter dump a substance in the air over the main street of Cold Lake, Alberta right around thanksgiving before christmas that year and the cloud was very dark and spread over a number of hours very slowly down the main drag and the next week was a mass exodus to the hospital with ear nose and throat issues. an military rep showed up at my business and I mentioned it, they said possibly dumping fuel and I said over a populated area? jus saying the corruption is everywhere

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pepper100 2 months ago

Why? Because it was all planned.

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2 months ago

The astra zeneca image looks shopped tbh. Made me lose 5 minutes.

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