Whoops-A-Daisy's!!! COVID Jabs Can Still Kill You??? - White House Press Secretary

08 Sep 2021

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RoxyTube 1 month ago

There is something VERY WRONG with this B. You'll see when it's exposed. Something is very wrong with this creature. This is not a human; this is something very off.

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Genericcitizen 1 month ago

YES!! Nothing "human" about any of these creature's! I'm a little scared about how people are going to react when this shit hit's the fan!! As an "old lady", I'm armed and I know how to use it!

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Mr_Ballen_Reloaded 1 month ago

have you seen the mark zuckerburg face super imposed over this person jen psaki? here is the link 2 clones same dna just different sex selection.. possible? i do think that it is! These pycopathic baphomet loving minions have stolen trillions of dollars and used to fund who knows what? My main concern is that they likely have a power source so small and powerful that it could power up some nasty type terminator robots. sounds pretty far fetched but it is not.

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