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What the West didn't see - 2015

My Americana
My Americana
29 Mar 2022

Published On Mar 28, 2022 People in Donbass asked for a referendum because they didn't want to be associated with this ideology - what was their crime?

In 2015 and 2017, the Watchdog Media Institute released a 22-part video series on Maidan and Kiev’s war on ethnic Russians. Watch the summary 25-minute film and the entire

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RoxyTube 3 months ago

There is definitely something NOT RIGHT with how this is all playing out. People in Ukraine have said their own military is bombing the shit out of them....neighborhoods in Ukraine are being destroyed and Russia blamed.

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ShedBLOODofJesusChrist 3 months ago

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It is so easy to get your Soul Sealed to GOD forever. How? Just tell GOD, where you stand or sit, that your a sinner, you now place all your Faith from all your Heart IN The Death, Shed BLOOD, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ to pay for all your sins in full! Once GOD see you believe, with all your Heart (every bit of you) in The Finished Work of Jesus Christ, then GOD will immediately Seal your Soul to Him forever and give you Eternal Life Forever! As a new Christen you will face hard times until taken up to Heaven by Jesus or take a bodily death. All that reject Jesus Christ will perish in the lake of fire forever with satan, the fallen angels and satan's minions.
I pray whoever reads this gets saved where you stand or sit!
Love, Shed BLOOD of Jesus Christ!

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