What can we do to make the world a better place? Start with love & add knowledge & will. Epi

John Leckrone
John Leckrone
04 Apr 2021

On this video John Leckrone discusses how to change the direction of this world we are living in. John wishes to manifest a peaceful world where people love, care and respect one another. Until we reach a higher frequency where love is a priority rather than a passing thought we will continue to see this world fall into tyranny and the dystopian hell we are living in will only get worse.

Amanda Gore zoot, zoot https://youtu.be/vQFl4a0xiBE

Paul Hardcastle 19 https://youtu.be/0sajngb0W6I

The Ice Age Farmer https://www.youtube.com/c/IceAgeFarmer/videos

The X-Files takeover of America. https://youtu.be/6zQUmZidPkg

Being an accessory to mass murder and genocide. https://youtu.be/OdUj6EHgAAo

The crime syndicate outing itself. They put their agenda in your face all the while mocking us. https://youtu.be/uPYx12xJFUQ

The population reduction forecast by Deagel. https://www.deagel.com/forecast

My video on the 134 crimes committed every day by agents of government. https://youtu.be/ThWkF6MOkAY

The high treason of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. https://youtu.be/9lefJLIs31U

Qanon told you to trust the plan video I did. https://youtu.be/Sl8kl_ocigo

Why government agents can kill you like a rabid dog. https://youtu.be/pmoqgf39e8c

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My personal website is www.illuminatitrainingacademy.com

You can also find me on YouTube as a guest here on Cancel The Cabalhttps://www.youtube.com/user/s....uperbigbadman2/video

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