Well someone figured out what the break away bristles in the swabs was for: DARPA PATENTS/DOCUMENTS

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
04 May 2021

⁣Well someone figured out what the break away bristles in the swabs was for.....


Speaks for itself really...
Swabs = Flash Drives.
Mask Worms = Power Source.
"Vacx" = BIOS re-Flash.
5G = OTA (Over The Air Realtime Firmware Re-Writer.)

Where the f*ck are all the other scientists and engineers???! Am I the ONLY one that didnt sell my soul or has balls??
Im not a grifter, and I dont want to sell you collagen.
I hate I have to put this on it, but nobody else seems to be doing experiments.
I need 2X Hack RF One (For sending EM radio waves at these things, one for transmit, one for receive (they are not full duplex (cant do both at same time), they are the only hackable SDR that are cheap(ish) and go to 6 GHz)), 2X Frequency Doubler, 1X USB Microscope.
If you have the tech, leave a comment and I will talk you through what I want to do, with the protocols, you can
record the experiments and share then, I wont have to ask if somebody else can do it.
Time is running out and this is bigger than me. I'm flat broke but I have the rest of the lab already (Oscilloscopes, Radio Equipment, Irons, Induction Heater, Desktop PSU, Tesla Coils, Full Components, External Soundcard, vices, pro midi testing gear, radar, spectroscope already owned), I need to find out whats on the masks and swaps and what they do with frequency).
I'll upload the 40+ hours it will take me to investigate this if I can get the components.
You really dont need collagen btw. Eat broccoli.

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