Welcome To The Dose: Davos 2022 & The House Of Psychedelics (World Leaders Might Trip On Mushroo

Helio Wave
Helio Wave
18 May 2022

Welcome To The Dose: Davos 2022 & The House Of Psychedelics (World Leaders Might Trip On Mushrooms)

In 2022, Davos elites will have an opportunity to celebrate “oneness” and “connectedness” with magic mushrooms, administered in part by psychedelic shamans of Burning Man.

What could go wrong with global leaders tripping out while deciding the future of the whole world?

The World Economic Forum, a gathering of the global elite now synonymous with the quaint Swiss town of Davos where it’s held, isn’t the usual place you’d expect to find a shaman, do breathwork or get rooted in your body.

But this year’s gathering of government leaders and corporate executives will host a “House of Psychedelics” program with almost 40 sessions and speakers, including researchers, entrepreneurs, investors — and some who consider themselves shamans.

While not part of the core Davos agenda, which doesn’t permit commercial activity, the program has a space on the town’s main promenade, which traditionally showcases Fortune 500 companies to the conference’s attendees.

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SecondComingTwice 1 month ago

Maybe they'll get a heroic dose of Datura and a few grams of the shrooms that keep everyone but mycologists from just munching on every fungus that looks edible since dying isn't on today's agenda. There will be no-place safe for those people after what they have done and still do is brought to light. Overdosing and stopping their hearts might be just the ticket to avoid being torn limb from limb or hearing the trap-door beneath their feet snap open on the gallows they're standing on. (With not enough slack in the rope to snap their neck, of course)

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