We Have to Reverse the Marriage and Baby Busts

01 Nov 2021


We must turn the marriage and baby busts around. Here is a news article on the issue for your perusal: https://archive.vn/Oy4vP
Furthermore, change the family and marriage laws so that they favor men and not women. Civilization itself is largely the product of the efforts of males to acquire resources for themselves and their families. If they are not rewarded for their labors, they will cease to do them and the entire society will collapse.
Here is an article to read up on child custody: https://www.divorcelawyersform....en.com/the-true-fact
Here is an article to read up on family court: https://www.fatherly.com/love-....money/family-courts-
Fix these problems.

Where to contact reps: https://www.congress.gov/state....-legislature-website

Second tab in video: https://archive.vn/q037R

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