Wavy Scalar Tech Without The Chemtrailz (Chemical Instrumental Video Remix)

Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli
19 Oct 2021

~~~~~≈≈≈≈≈~~~≈≈~~~≈~≈~≈~≈~≈~≈~~≈~≈~≈~≈~≈~≈~≈~~≈~≈~≈~≈~≈~≈~≈~≈~≈~≈~~≈~≈~≈~≈~≈~~≈~≈~≈~≈~~≈~≈~≈~≈~~≈~≈~≈~≈~≈~ sorry for some of the cell phone quality videos, especially with that vertical narrow frame... This collage of photos and video clips was my personal accumulated documentation of being under such weird cloud patterns, gazing around for hours over a period of 2 months when the airplanes weren't running much in europe between march 15th & may 11th 2020 more or less.. the photos and video footage that i took sometimes doesn't do justice for what i saw with my own eyes day in-day out.. it wasn't like it was every single day, but i saw and felt things weren't right more than half the time, and i've been very watchful of the sky since 2012 (in pAris where the thumbnail photo is from actually) , and even after all this time, this tech ceased to amaze and concern me.. this shit has to stop! All but one image was taken in Geménos, France, where i stayed for an extra extended time at my ex's place taking care of our cat Wisqi while she was stuck in Tahiti visiting her parents when the airlines were all cancelled (between mid march - mid july!).. I miss my cat to be honest and wanted to give him a lil shout out since i haven't seen him in a few months and will be moving far away from him next week, so I honoured him in the vid & thumbnail cover art.. him and i have bore witness to too many draconian skies over many moons..Whether they're manipulated clouds (either real and/or fake/manufactured, meaning inorganic- not naturally occurring), or chemtrails, i've noticed over the last decade here in france that they tend to be concentrated around the sun, and that's no accident.. previous to the masquerade era of the rona, the skies down here (near Marseille) would be raped several times a week by chemtrails, or airplane exhaust, or whatever you want to call it- bottom line is that it's an eye sore due to dinosauric pollutive technology at best, and at worst it's a chemical soup that is in no way beneficial to any life on earth..i do have a playlist in regards to geoengineering with over 100 vids btw... https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNm0aknjTAaX2KbmNTLUyJhostuHS_ZKzthere's always geoengineeringwatch.org that has some great resources, as well as govt docs & patents proving the existence of haarp, chemtrails, geoengineering, weather warfare, programmed droughts, etc..Mixed in 432Hz and arranged on 20/1/21 in sunny La Ciotat by Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind
Song credits: ⁣Mr Traumatik ft. Skinzmann
R.I.P. MF DoOm with the last words in this video

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