Watch Out! The Biggest Brother's State of Surveillance (S.O.S) - Hip Hop Mixtape in 432Hz

Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli
26 Oct 2021

This may seem a little outdated, but always relevant despite the evolution of technology.. the tactics are the same, but augmented with the tech obviously, and to be honest, a good amount of this tech is sold to the public on purpose to increase mass human surveillance.. the internet, tv microphones, all types of bugs, smart meters, alexa, smart watches, smart kitchens, smart____, etc, and many other devices under the guise of health/sport apps & gadgets, etc (short list)..The worst thing you could take away from a full listening to this project is to become paranoid and/or powerless.. it's actually the opposite- they are paranoid (af) and pretty powerless aside from the power/money/attention we give them.. it just shows us again how powerful we actually are (altho most of it is untapped potential), and the lengths and measures they are willing to take to invest in so much tech in order to keep some kind of all seeing eyes on us- aside from poisoning us in countless ways, psychologically dumbed down and distracted, divided and spiritually conquered.. there are too many people at this point who know about these things, yet have not taken any action at all to change it, and i ask you all to please step up your efforts.. the majority of humanity can all do better, my self included of course.. gotta remove our support of the technocracy/technopoly/technotalitarian/TechnOrwelian/transhumanist control grid/network/players involvedsurveillance is a broad term that means to surveille, but it usually implies visual surveillance, but in today's technological transhumanist technomonoploies' obsession, the control system has become obsessed with tracking our every move, purchase, consumption, energy usage, energy levels, and nutrition even (short list)..yes, agenda 2030 has a lot to do with this, COVID has a lot to do with this, the satellite launching project, space force & fifeG has a lot to do with this.. "terrorist attacks" have been instrumental in pushing this on the public via problem reaction solution manufactured by the same culprits.. Post 911 there was the patriot act which is nothing patriotic.. The London tunnel bombing, boston marathon, similar results, and in france with the numerous false flags around 2014-2016 ◊◊◊◊TRACKLIST◊◊◊◊Guess Who?? - Nite N Dae ft. Gel RocStop Spying - The GrouchWatch Out! (Camera Angle) - Mzr AxeomUnder Surveillance - Mayhem MysticsThought Police - The Profoun PoetSay Sumthin - G & ZWord On The Street The Watchers Are Still Watching - Inspekta Dek, G & E, B.o.BNeighborhood Watch - The CloaksSpies - Kotton Mouth KingsSpies Like Us - Styles Of Beyond ft. Emcee 007Watching You - Asop featured by ElusiveThoughts Of Conspiracy - Crux Ft. Beast 1333A Citizens Guide To Abstract Thought - Left Handed+Anti Citizens ft. Formula AbstractKnow The Enemy - Dead PrezSmall Brother Interlude - Lil SciThe Devil's Watchin - Payday MonsantoThe mode of Operations Snippet - Ft. Optimus RhymesNeighborhood Watch - ParisSurveillance - Faymus, Khynky Rhead, Otherwize, Josh Koslow, Dj DUb OneWires & Watch Towers - Thievery Corporation ft. x AzeemHologram Network - Variable UnitOutro: TV is Watching YouArranged, Mixed, & Recorded in 432Hz by Derek Bartolacelli on May 14, 2021 in Quimper, FrancePEACE

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Geovanni Geusippe
Geovanni Geusippe 29 days ago

sick sick Real sick work (even that heavyMetal... uhm.. it Go Hard) for them normes, i mean noTmEs if ya aint listenning to this, once upon a time in a late future you will find your self hating your self's past for letting THIS mAn's engineered uPscale sound scape your mind instead of treating your psyche constructive funky lyrical evolution Boi, gurL best to check YoSelf cuz you aRE in a 1 way collision soul wreck. but dont trip or worry too much cuz you for sure wont even get a chance to remember nothing from your sentient human's past.
to the content creator., i know words come and go... i have the intent though i cant saye exactly when, regardless in the coming future will show my real appreciation in a tangible manner supporting your cause. in due time it will be realTalk. in the mean time do what you do, i light weight wish i could do what you do, with that been said. to your skillz, i bow down 1x. seriously educational ear candy, constructive brain matter aid aid of peace ofmind

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Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli 28 days ago

most appreciated brotha!

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Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli 1 month ago

i don't want to start now, i want to start later... how the fuck do y'all operate on this platform, spamming damn near every video uploaded with these redundant ass irrelevant comments/ads

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