WARNING!! SHOCKING!! GRAPHIC!!! - 9-Year-Old Girl Exposes Her Father As A Pedo & Alleged Cult Le

Suzie Etc.
Suzie Etc.
12 Aug 2021

⁣9-Year-Old Girl Exposes Her Father As A Pedo & Alleged Cult Leader In An Interview.. Experience With Torture Of Children & Rituals!

I am at a loss for words after watching this video! Horrific!! I am Shocked to see that little girl explain in such detail and act like it was just a everyday stroll in the park!! This is Beyond Shocking!!

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Peggy 2 months ago

Video would not play for me FYI.

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Suzie Etc.
Suzie Etc. 2 months ago

Whenever this happens go to a different video and then come back and it will usually work then. :)

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TruthSeeker2386 1 month ago

Or just reload the page till it does work. I can guarantee it does work using this method. ; )

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JewsAreLikeSnakes 3 months ago

JEWS Love child sacrifice

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Suzie Etc.
Suzie Etc. 3 months ago

Its not just the Jews.

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Julian Irving
Julian Irving 10 months ago

What happened to this girl

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Genericcitizen 11 months ago

I'm going to spend every second of what I have left in life, manifesting the pain and torture these monster's do to the innocent, onto them! One hundred thousand, million, billion times worse!!! My very soul has been punctured, any human being that see's this, has been damaged! Until this ends, we will all, bleed out!

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Suzie Etc.
Suzie Etc. 11 months ago

Very well said!

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Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors 11 months ago

i've no blood left in my face... i'll never be the same again.

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