Want to know what is in the vaxx-Ask them

26 May 2021

⁣A Q&A Challenge by Phone.
Call anyone who gives Covid vaccines.
Start with I have a few questions about the vaccines.
Oh before I forget-What hours of operation do you have? I have to fit all this into my schedule you know.
The move on to your questions.
Ask them what the ingredients are. What the side effect of each ingredient might do.
Ask them what the side effects of the vaxx are. There are many.
You can ask all sorts of things. Keep track of how many I don't knows you get.
Call Health Ministers in governments and ask them too. That would be a fun one to do.
Anyone can do this.
They want to vaccinate Children, Then babies.
Make them answer all the important questions.
Do share this idea with as many people as you can.
Even a 90 year old person could do this.
know many old people who are fed up and think there is nothing they can
do to help. This would help more then they could ever imagine.
This is science, believe it or not. Always question things.

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Just_Ed 2 months ago

thanks I am going to have fun with this.

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Motoxxx176 3 months ago

Wow I love you !!

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