Victims of other ‘agents of death’ ignored over unconscionable focus on COVID-19

06 Oct 2020

Sky News host Alan Jones says there has been an utterly disgraceful abandonment of public health to the hysteria of coronavirus.

Mr Jones pointed to information released in September on Australia’s leading killers, in which he said coronavirus is “virtually nowhere to be seen”.

“I wonder how many victims of the other agents of death have been ignored as an unconscionable focus has been placed for months on coronavirus,” he said.

“Cancer causes over 26 per cent of Australia's deaths. How many people have been frightened go to hospital and so leave their cancer undiagnosed?

“Alzheimer's and Dementia, 10.8 per cent. Are they unwanted in the health system? Coronavirus must come first.

He said people are “frightened of going into hospitals” amid growing hysteria across the country with regard to the pandemic.

“Fear rules”.

“This is a disgraceful abandonment of public health to the hysteria about coronavirus,” Mr Jones said.

“The total COVID fatalities on September 30, today, are 886 over eight months.

“886, and for that, peoples' lives and livelihoods and education and freedoms have been smashed.

“Melbourne is still under Martial law masquerading as medial law.”

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