Vaccinated Man Tells All Un-vaccinated To Stand Their Ground!

Know The Truth
Know The Truth
16 Aug 2021

⁣Listen to what a vaccinated man has to say to the un-vaccinated people!

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DIARY OF A GRIM REAPER 12 months ago

That little sack of lying satanic demonic freemason shit. he never had it because it dos not exist. i have not even seen 1 person with a common cold... Corona in the 1989 encyclopedia of medicine is the "common cold" Satanists with their hands in Lucifers cookie jar... What ever that is, it is a Trojan Horse. What ever you have done, it is done. Maybe you sterilized your self... NO MORE BABIES. Maybe you sterilized your children, took that choice from them BECAUSE LUCIFER TOLD YOU COVID COVID CORONA... Fear fear take the poison... No one comments here, do people even read it?

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