U.K. COVID variant found in 13 wastewater systems across Missouri: I'm From Saint Louis

Julian Irving
Julian Irving
23 Feb 2021

U.K. COVID variant found in 13 wastewater systems across Missouri

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CatherineBH 4 months ago

They going to drag this Virus out for as long as they can. Strange they can test Covid, because 30 scientists can’t find any to test. No where in the World. The samples WHO sent them were Influenza A & B, the usual flu virus. Notice they never mention flu or the common cold, they miraculously left, when Covid came in. These people wanted to destroy the economy & all small businesses. It’s evil & sick. The more the ?? obey, the longer they’ll drag it out. Too many people lost the ability to think for themselves. How can breathing in your own stale air be healthy ? Anyone can figure this is not good for you, let alone a child or toddler. This can cause brain damage in younger Victims of this abuse.

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RoxyTube 5 months ago

So crazy, so sick of hearing it. They’re doing what they can to beat it to death. There is no covid. Never has been. All a hoax. This hole runs very deep. I’ve researched this extensively. News media works for the deep state.

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