Tucker Carlson - The Real Rittenhouse -

Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors
23 Nov 2021

⁣Tucker Cashes in on Main Stream Media's Boy of the Moment, whilst ⁣Keeping America Divided.

A Spin Off of the Main Movie to keep the People's attention off Real Stories like the Ghislaine Maxwell Court Case.
Tucker is intelligent enough to know what he does yet he still does it..

They are requesting Ghislaine to be allowed out on Bail, as we speak.. i doubt you know this.

This Court Case Could Take Down the Entire Structure that Controls the World We Know.

We need to keep our Eyes on the Prize...

That's All. Smoke and Mirrors.

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StillSittingHere 5 days ago

I wonder if Tucker is aware of the Rittenhouse character being shown on some posts as being the same kid that was Sandy Hook victim Noah Pozner? If Kyle is this crisis actor, as he is being accused of by some, that would explain why he is so publicly defaming Linn Wood.

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Joshua S
Joshua S 7 days ago

I know this. I asked two random people at my gas starting yesterday about topics like this. I felt like a complete jackass asking them but they had no clue. They shrugged it off. I know two people doesn’t prove anything. The majority of Americans will not pay attention unless they are inconvenienced

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