Try this Experiment with your Cell Phones and See what happens.

28 May 2021

⁣I need some scientists out there to try this. It is simple to do. Anyone
with a Cell Phone can try this. This experiment needs to be as they say
Peer reviewed. ⁣Try it with Aluminum foil too. They put that stuff in vaccines for sure.

If it works this way then imagine if they are
putting things like Nano Dust in the vaccines swabs for testing etc into
your body. This is a 5G thing. .The invisible connection like the Cell
Pone connecting to a Cell Tower for example could be a problem for
anyone, who that tech implanted in them. So to all Cell Phone owners,
try this out and see what happens.
All these other metal are also in Vaccines.

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Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre 4 months ago

Interesting... Facebook just confirmed this was faked =)
need to try to it in real life. Call to iPhone did not cause steel wool to catch fire
April 15, 2020
CLAIM: Video shows an incoming call to a 5G iPhone setting steel wool on fire.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The flames captured in the video were added through a digital effect. In addition, Apple has not yet launched 5G capable phones yet.

THE FACTS: A video surfaced on social media with claims that electromagnetic waves from a 5G iPhone can set steel wool on fire.

In the video, an iPhone is surrounded by steel wool. When the phone receives an incoming call, the wool appears to catch fire.

The video has been manipulated. When it is viewed frame by frame, a quick transition can be seen just before the steel wool begins to sparkle with what appears to be flames.

The video can be found in January on social media, and it re-emerged recently as conspiracy theories began circulating around 5G wireless service and the coronavirus pandemic.

While Apple has not launched 5G capable phones, experts say a ringing cellular phone would not set steel wool _ which is highly flammable _ on fire.

“The phone itself doesn’t emanate some massive power,” Muriel Médard, professor of electrical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told the AP in a telephone interview. “It couldn’t even if it wanted to.”

She also emphasized that 5G wireless is relying on fairly conventional systems. People have been using these frequencies before.

In recent weeks, there hasbeen a surge in conspiracy theories linking COVID-19 to the expansion of 5G wireless. There’s no evidence to support any link between the two, as the AP has reported.


This is part of The Associated Press’ ongoing effort to fact-check misinformation that is shared widely online, including work with Facebook to identify and reduce the circulation of false stories on the platform.

Here’s more information on Facebook’s fact-checking program:

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Shadow 4 months ago

Well when it comes to fact checkers I don't have much trust in them. The steel wool also did not catch fire. It just glowed. Fact checkers don't actually fact check much of anything so ZI don't trust them. They do after all say that vaccines are safe after all. Just a point of interest.

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aturfer 1 day ago

@Shadow: I have zero time for "fact checkers" too, but it's easy enough to try out yourself. I just tried it with a 5G Samsung handset - nothing.

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Cindycindy1967 4 months ago

Too many bad things are going hurt us...just not right...

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HereJONNY 4 months ago

Man if u put this on YouTube you be banned for life lol nice video man

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RoxyTube 4 months ago

This is steel wool? Regardless of what anyone says, 5G is very bad. The data is out there. Not only does it burn the skin (many 5G tower engineers have been burned by the radiation the equipment gives off), but the frequencies transmitted alter brain activity. This is science 101. Ever stand under fluorescent lights that are going bad? I did. I had no idea the lights were going bad. I got very nauseas very fast. My mind was racing. They were a few feet over my head. Imagine what high powered towers can do. This is all very real.

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Shadow 4 months ago

11,000 Pages of Evidence Filed in Landmark 5G Case Against the FCC, Hearing Set for Jan. 25, 2021 They are working on it. The judge was none to happy with the FCC

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HereJONNY 4 months ago

@Shadow: NICE ?

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RoxyTube 4 months ago


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