Trumps Warp Speed Guy Was On Moderna's Board & Worked With Gates, Can Trump Be Trusted?

Aimless News
Aimless News
28 Jul 2021

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Sources used in video:

Trumps warp speed guy was one of the evil cabal -

More govt lies about vaxx uncovered -

It's always about building immunity -

Why all the immigration if it's about the unvaxxed -

Now we know the test was a fraud -

I'm a carpenter and I made a video about it last December -

Coincidence or something else going on -

Leftists communists want to require vaxx -

VA first govt agency to require vaxx -

Forget covid, bring on the deadly fungus -

LA restaurant firing back at Newsom -

Why does it cost anything to stop construction -

Paypal partners with leftist group to control you -

Dude who confronted Tucker is CIA -

This guy tried to break into the wrong house, gets raped by the dogs -

Southern women are tough -

Steve Inman -

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littlbit 1 month ago

There are two vaccines...if you remember, when Trump got sick, he took HCQ, Ivermecting, a C-pack and a few other things. When he says he got the shot, that is what he means.
That's the vaccine he is pushing. Then there was the vaccine the Deep State pushed,
That's the one people are dying from. People aren't understanding what he meant. He talked about it when he came out of Walter Reed three days later. People have forgotten.

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