Trump Bashes Biden, Supreme Court Covid Idiots, Covid Pitch Meeting & Kazakhstan Explodes

Aimless News
Aimless News
10 Jan 2022

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Sources used in video:

Covid pitch meeting -

Supreme court judges are a joke -

Good thread about fake ass Patriot Front group -

Trump finally bashes Biden on covid -

News readers collapsing from the jabb - 12:50-14:46 These are the ones caught on video

Don't go hunting deer, you might catch covid -

Big win in court against the FDA, for now -

Banks, internet shutdown in Kazakhstan -

Somethings got to give in Kazakhstan -

Zombie jabbed psycho locks son in trunk after positive test -

Man pretending to be woman is beat by woman pretending to be a man -

Steve Inman -

Disturbed Cats That Are Down With The Sickness -

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PARACOSM 4 months ago

Trump is a con artist and you all sound like youre still trusting the plan. What a bunch of retards. Biden is also a piece of shit, but your blindness towards who trump is is sad and pathetic. keep trusting the scam Qtards

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raisedright88 4 months ago

vax hoax, Trump was right again, hold the line patriots

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raisedright88 4 months ago

great video

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