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True Healing Conference 2021 | Biophotons, Orgone Energy, Cymatics, Structured Water, Healing

10 Oct 2021

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Whatever you think you know about health, sickness, and healing, prepare to have (some or all of) your opinions and beliefs shattered.True Healing Conference is a gathering of some of the smartest medical minds in the world, who will share their expertise on many (truly) alternative health topics.Join us virtually to learn about: ✔the healing power of water✔the human biofield, cymatics✔orgone energy✔holographic blood ✔bio-photons✔and the inherent healing forces of life.The conference features a phenomenal speaker lineup that include:Kelly Brogan, M.D.Josh & Adam BigelsenJames DeMeo, Ph.D.Eileen McKusickVeda AustinSally Fallon MorellAndrew Kaufman, M.D.Tom Cowan, M.D.You will learn:✔Why disease is ONLY caused by malnutrition, toxins, and injury✔Why disease is NOT caused by bacteria, fungus, and "viruses"✔Body electrics such as the human biofield, cymatics, and bio-photons✔How to project thoughts after you have learned the language of water✔The truth about the "Spanish Flu", and what really happened✔How to construct an Orgone Energy Blanket, and what to use it for✔What are cymatics and how these sound waves can heal the body✔How to detect illness using holographic blood and live blood analysis✔Plus More..........🔥 ♦ Don't forget to leave a like And Subscribe For More Videos! ♦ 🔥 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬👍 Do you like this video? Like it & Share it with friends!🔔 Turn on post notifications to get all my latest updates📥 Comment below to share your opinion! energy, orgone energy meditation, structured water, structured water khadar vali, structured water device, structured water diy, structured water unit, structured water at home, structured water machine, structured water filter, structured water dr khadar, structured water explained, structured water device diy, structured water and plants, structured water research, structured water in telugu, cymatics, cymatics odyssey future bass drop loop 7, cymatics science vs music, cymatics future bass loop, cymatics origin, cymatics sample pack, cymatics experiment, cymatics odyssey edm sample pack, cymatics destiny, cymatics miss the rage, cymatics future bass, cymatics loop, cymatics odyssey future bass drop loop 7 reversed, cymatics water, biophotons psy, biophotons tropical forest, biophotons john rose, biophotons uncharted seasbiophotons, biophotons in food, biophotons in the brain,biophotons human energy field, biophotons and consciousness, biophotons in eyes, biophotons the light in our cells, biophotons in the brain consciousness, biophotons meditation, biophotons healing, healing , energy healing, true healing conference, the new biology, biofield, biofield tuning, biofield tuning fork method, biofield tuning session, biofield tuning eileen mckusick, biofield tuning sonic slider, biofield balance bracelet, biofield frequency, biofield tuning overview, biofield tuning forks, biofield npk power, biofield tablet, biofield pharma pvt ltd, biofield with niamh, biofield npk, orgone , orgone band, orgone live, orgone accumulator eurorack, orgone don't stop, orgone who knows who, orgone full album, orgone sophisticated, orgone moonshadows, orgone i get lifted, orgone open season, orgone pendant, orgone chakra healing pendant, orgone be thankful for what you got, orgone music, healing power of water, healing power of waterfalls, healing power of water book, healing power of water masaru emoto#TrueHealingConference #TheNewBiology #StructuredWater

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