Travis McMichael Defense Closing Argument (Part 1 of 3)

27 Nov 2021

⁣Travis McMichael a off duty officer (Coast Guard) witnessed Ahmaud Arbery trespassing on private property. Where Arbery motioned to McMichael he had a gun in his waste band of his pants. Police informed McMichael's neighborhood earlier of multiple burglary's happening in the area. And to lookout for suspicious activity. When McMichael spotted Arbery running down his street. He calls the police and purses Arbery in his truck. McMichael pulls up next to Arbery while hes running. Asking him to stop running because he wanted to talk to him. Arbery did not say anything to McMichaels and turns and runs in the opposite direction in attempt to elude McMichaels. McMichaels pursues after him. Where again he pulls up next to Arbery in his truck and asks Arbery again to stop running. Saying "I just want to talk to you". Arbery again turns and runs in the opposite direction. This action from Arbery tells McMichael (a off duty officer) he's running because he fears of being caught for a crime. Adbery temporary eludes McMichael. McMchael stops his truck and gets out with a shot gun. McMichael spots Arbery running up to his truck. Where Adbery attacks McMichael holding a shot gun. The shot gun goes off while both men fight for the gun. McMichael is found guilty of murder for defending himself against a criminal.

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