Total CA Recall, Vaccine Info, FOIA DIA UFO Document. MCSU Voice of the Underground, 2021.0223

Mr. Chris Show
Mr. Chris Show
26 Feb 2021

⁣Beijing Joe bumbles as total recall in ⁣California moves along but will it yield useful change? How does the new mRNA vaccine differ from traditional ones and should you be concerned? What was in the recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) disclosure involving the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) that involves UFOs and Billionaires? Patriots around the globe are awake and active. The Mr. Chris Show Voice of the Underground is a new show exploring controversial topics to enlighten and inspire Patriots.

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RoxyTube 7 months ago

Always look forward to your videos. Great content and AGREED! Been researching on these DUMBS and what's going on. Looking forward to the Deep State falling really hard, as most everyone is! If camela gets in, we all know that was the master plan all along. The demons will fall.

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