Tornados in Wuhan? Coincidence? Geoengineering?

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
16 May 2021

⁣Excellent Resource Links EVERYONE should check out if you have not
CORRECTED WIKI of most things corrupted and lied about

An excellent summary of exactly why and how our medical establishment is so ineffective, bloated and corrupt. Pulled right from The FALL OF THE CABAL
"Learn how Our Medical establishment was taken over and weaponized against us"

Viruses don't make you sick, most energy is already free, 5G is killing everyone, they installed
5g emitters near every school as soon as lockdowns started!

Andrew Kaufman M.D. - The Rooster in the River of Rats - Koch's Postulates

9 Five G - (2019 Documentary)

No one should ever take a Vaccine. The history and the data is a lie. See the real story progress from the first ever vaccine, and be astonished
Sad Truth: Vaccines are very dangerous completely unnecessary toxin they force into our bodies. See the real story from the 1st vaccine:

Recent Important Updates
"Ongoing Global Catastrophe of Unmitigated/Uncountable Proportions"
****Expect 60%-80% of anyone who allowed this Injection to be HOSPITALIZED or DIE This Fall!***
Paraphrased notes for Q&A
-Are "injected" people dangerous to the "uninjected"? YES
-HOW? They shed infectious exosomes generated by the Spike Protein that can be transmitted through close proximity and most frequently via skin to skin contact.
-Does the "injection" affect Fertility? Absolutely. Proven. Can also be transmitted sexually!
-If my spouse got the "injection" , how long do I have to avoid them? UNKOWN. Current thinking is Indefinitely.
-How long will "injected"s produce the Spike Protein? UNKNOWN, only study suggests FOREVER. It also replicates and mutates within you.

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