To tell a story. Original spoken word poetry. Original poem read by the author John Leckrone. 75

John Leckrone
John Leckrone
03 Apr 2021

TO TELL A STORYA poet tells a story and does so with a rhyme,of thoughts written or spoken of a moment caught in time.Speaking of love, of loss or of pain,or maybe a story of poverty or fame.The message is told for those who will hear,to make them feel better or shed a sad tear.What is the message the poet will tell?Is it of horror or is all going well?Time is frozen in those words put on paper,for if they are not they will disappear like vapor.Speak of the joy of living ones life,regardless of loss, of pain or of strife.All of our thoughts and dreams we do share.Telling the world of the things that we care.Our family and friends, the lovers we know.Each story told is a seed we do sew.A hug or a kiss, some passion or strife.All of the things that matter to one in this life.Take our thoughts and hopes and dreams,never forgetting what this life means.Love one another is the greatest story there is,a poet who dreams of the love that he gives.Live in the moment and love as best you can,for that is a gift of each woman and each man.Nothing else matters in this world full of strife,than to love one another while loving ones life.So share this message both near and far,no matter who you are we all look at the stars.The universe is large and our time on earth is brief.The clock is always ticking, stealing moments like a thief.So make your moments matter, and follow your heart I say.For each and every moment, turns into another passing day.And when our life is over and our work on earth is done,the moon will still be rising, then followed by the sun.All that we have left behind will eventually fade away.But know that if you give your all in all you do and say.The world will be a better place for those who have yet to come.For the poet and his dreams and hopes, have been left behind to some.

Original poem by John LeckroneAll rights retained.

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