To hell with this Corona | The mask slips for India's COVID-19 seceptics

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Watch Out
05 May 2021

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Amar Singh Azad, a 71-year-old doctor in north India, has not worn a face mask since March, when a surge in coronavirus cases led to a national
lockdown. While the World Health Organization (WHO) now recommends the use of masks in public as a measure to curb the spread of Covid-19, Azad is doubtful this will have any effect.

India has recorded some 7.6 million infections – making it the world’s second-worst hit nation behind the United States – but, also, high recovery rates.

The doctor specialised in community medicine and studies epidemics in Patiala, Punjab, treating about 70 clients daily. He now practices chiefly naturopathy and believes the pandemic will run its natural course like any other virus; that we should rely on immunity to beat it.

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Shadow 1 month ago

The Covid is not the problem. They also have a lot of vaccine deaths. As in most places the more vaccines given the more the so called Covid numbers rise. 5G is also up and running in some places and that o is having an impact on people. There was a video put out by the main stream media, that made it look like people were dieing in the streets, It is actually from a Gas leak last year. If people are dieing it is for various reason. Not from Covid.
Then there is a food shortage.
A first-hand message from India: the truth about genocide and starvation,

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ErraticLeeMe 1 month ago

100%, India got a pandemic after they were vaccinated! Just like in the Seychelles...

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