This Is Now A Pandemic Of The Vaccinated, Good Thing Fauci Is Such An Incompetent F*ck Up

Aimless News
Aimless News
18 Sep 2021

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Sources used in video:

Border is out of control -

How does any of this make sense, if you're vaxxed you're protected right -

Unvaxxed being evicted in Florida - https://www.floridarealtors.or....g/news-media/news-ar

Florida bypasses Potatohead and buys direct -

Don't forget, Sweden didn't play this game -

Now more have died from the vaxx than the fake pandemic -

Canada admits the tests are complete bullshit -

CDC trying to cover its ass now -

This is just the beginning -

Clinton lawyer indicted - https://resistthemainstream.or....g/hillary-clintons-d

Wow, who would have thought the elites would do insider trading -

Why would gas prices be going down Potatohead -

Setting it up for Potatohead to be replaced -

Interesting, maybe the Sackler's aren't off the hook yet -

Recommended reading from summer 2020, voter fraud whistleblower -

Trump on Milley -

Steve Inman -

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Art_Holland 1 month ago

Just aimlessly meandering here, it seems that after destroying their big blue cities the treasonous demmunist damnacrapss have found an efficient way to kill themselves off. Talk about eating their own! The adrenochrome slaughterhouses must be up one big midnight demonic feast!

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Ben Fowler
Ben Fowler 1 month ago

The good shit. Just love this show.

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