This is How You Don't Set Up a Wii U Featuring DSP & John Rambo - Presented by KingDDDuke

23 Jul 2021

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Originally, this was going to be part of This is How You Don't Play Nintendo Land, but there was so much comedy gold in DSP's Wii U setup videos, it had to be its own video. no way I'm gonna make an intro 36 minutes long. This is timely too, since DSP recently got salty over his Xbox Series X setup, he gets salty setting up the Wii U too. Enjoy!
Also I got Sony Vegas 14 running on my new laptop, I bought it cheap from humble bundle a long time ago and never used it. I still used the default windows 10 video editor for this video because it is easy and fast to use. I'll study some sony vegas tutorial videos and will use that for future videos that require more finesse.
I was considering putting comments in this video, since sony vegas lets me do that unlike windows 10 video editor, but I don't think it makes the video that much funnier considering how much effort and time I have to put in to add it in, so I decided against it.

00:00 - Wii U Launch Day Console Unboxing (USA)
07:16 - Wii U Launch: Initial Console Booting
09:14 - Wii U Launch: Mii Setup (and hassle!)
15:50 - Wii U Launch: Initial Settings Setup
21:58 - Wii U Launch: Dashboard Walkthrough pt1
24:11 - Wii U Launch: Dashboard Walkthrough pt2
29:27 - Wii U Launch: Dashboard Walkthrough pt3
31:29 - Wii U Launch: Dashboard Walkthrough pt4

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