This is How You Don't Play Psychonauts 2 - Agent 16.51 KingDDDuke: The Goat Laugh Slayer Editio

21 Sep 2021

TiHYDP by KingDDDuke Playlist -

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Hello everyone, KingDDDuke here. Here it is. This is How You Don't Play Psychonauts 2. This premiere is 3 hours long, so make sure you have drinks & snacks and used the bathroom before hand, because there are no breaks (Unless you are watching after the premiere, then take your time). In this TiHYDP, DSP experiences bugged early 2000s platforming mechanics, tons of goat laughing, snorting, going overtime, wanting to clock out when bugged autosave mechanics won't let him, and complaining about low views. Every time a character talks, DSP just has to fill in the dead air with his signature goat laugh.
It's his favorite game of 2021, yet, DSP gets really salty at the game. Makes you think. So I originally wanted this tihydp out by Friday, but trimming out the fat & balancing the audio is a time consuming process. my original cut is 4 hours & 45 minutes long, but I didn't want it that long, so it took a long time to figure out what to cut out. It wasn't too hard since DSP is a master of stalling, with his putting on a vest, derailing the stream in order to rant about burger king for 4 minutes, ranting about ToxNox being bored in the stream chat, lean in bans, and plenty of other stalling & stream derailing tactics to pad out the clock. I decided to cut that out to keep the run time just barely below 3 hours. I think it turned out better with all the boring stuff cut out. It sucks cutting out DSP getting mad and derailing his stream, but it's not relevant to showing off him sucking at the game, I'll probably post these deleted scenes as separate uploads later on, I already have them rendered in advanced.
I hope you all enjoy the premiere.
Thank you for watching!
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(Dates Subject to Change)

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Thu - Sep 23 - DSP Tries It: Lost Judgment (Maybe?)
Fri - Sep 24 - DSP Tries It: Hades - Volume XI (Sep 18 Stream)
Mon - Sep 27 - DSP Tries It: Hades - Volume XII (Sep 20 Stream)
Fri - Oct 15 - TiHYDP Ghost N' Goblins Resurrection - Death Edition
Fri - Oct 29 - TiHYDP Mario Party 9 with Panda Lee Leanna
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00:00:00 - Intro
00:00:25 - TiHYDP Psychonauts 2
00:00:43 - Loboto's Labyrinth
00:07:21 - MotherLobe
00:11:34 - Hollis' Classroom
00:12:45 - Lady Lucktapus Casino
00:14:30 - Hollis' Hot Streak
00:23:02 - DSP VS Lady Lucktapus
00:24:38 - DSP Fails it: Basic Platforming
00:25:53 - Power of Whale
00:26:50 - Back to the MotherLobe
00:29:23 - Ford's Follicles
00:33:34 - Back to the MotherLobe
00:34:04 - Quarry
00:38:17 - Questionable Area
00:49:14 - Compton's Cookoff
01:04:32 - DSP VS KFC Double Down
01:09:59 - Back to the Questionable Area
01:17:00 - Brain In A Jar
01:28:56 - Back to the Real World
01:30:24 - Strike City
01:36:57 - Cruller's Correspondence
01:46:31 - Tomb Of The Sharkophagus
01:48:38 - Green Needle Gulch
01:52:08 - Cassie's Library
02:06:43 - DSP VS Die-Brarian
02:07:35 - Back to Green Needle Gulch
02:11:09 - Bob's Bottle
02:26:50 - DSP VS Truheltia Memonstria
02:29:35 - Back to Green Needle Gulch
02:30:45 - Lucrecia's Lament
02:35:18 - Fatherland Follies
02:47:44 - Interlude Before Final Boss
02:50:02 - DSP VS Maligula
02:54:00 - Game Ending
02:55:43 - Game Credits
02:56:14 - Last Post Game Cutscene DSP Watched
02:56:29 - DSP's Final Thoughts
02:58:16 - TiHYDP Credits

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