This is How You Don't Play Nier Replicant - Page 1 - Route A - Part 1 of 2 - ver.KingDDDuke

17 Sep 2021

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Howdy Hidey Ho Everyone, KingDDDuke here. Welcome to the Premiere of This is How You Don't Play Nier Replicant - Page 1 - Route A - Part 1 of 2 - ver.KingDDDuke.
This Premiere is 1 hour & 45 minutes long.
In this TiHYDP, DSP is in the mists of losing his Twitch Partnership, so He is extra salty and plays even worse than usual. Also Snow Karl trolls Phil a lot. DSP also tries to fill in dead air with his awful singing, throat clearing, snorting, goat laughing and all the other types of noises he makes
So I've been working pretty hard on DSP Projects and I think I took on one way too many projects at once, so I'm overwhelmed, so I am gonna move around the schedule a bit. Decided to split Route A into 2 parts because it was mentally draining editing this. Also been working on DSP Tries It Hades Series & TiHYDP Psychonauts 2 takes a lot out of me as well as robbing me of my free time, so I'm gonna scale back a bit so I can actually have free time to play video games (Really hyped for Lost Judgment, no next gen console for me, so I'm stuck playing in cinematic 30fps on base ps4).
Speaking of Hades, I cannot keep up with DSP Tries It: Hades Series this week because I need the time to finish up TiHYDP Psychonauts 2 (I already finished the rough cut, but I want to trim out the fat and make sure the audio levels are balanced first), but after that is done, I'll do my best to try to catch up with the Hades Streams
Thank you for watching!
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(Dates Subject to Change)

Mon - Sep 20 - TiHYDP Psychonauts 2
Wed - Sep 22 - DSP Tries It: Hades - Volume X (Sep 14 stream)
Thu - Sep 23 - DSP Tries It: Lost Judgment (Maybe?)
Fri - Sep 24 - DSP Tries It: Hades - Volume XI (Sep 18 Stream)
Mon - Sep 27 - DSP Tries It: Hades - Volume XII (Sep 20 Stream)
Fri - Oct 15 - TiHYDP Ghost N' Goblins Resurrection - Death Edition
Fri - Oct 29 - TiHYDP Mario Party 9 with Panda Lee Leanna
Fri - Nov 12 - TiHYDP Epic Mickey 2 with John Rambo
Fri - Nov 26 - TiHYDP Nier Replicant Page 2 Route A Part 2 of 2


00:00:00 - Title Screen
00:00:45 - Prologue
00:02:45 - Mutton, Fresh Mutton
00:09:46 - Lost Shrine
00:16:08 - DSP VS Boar
00:17:57 - Aerie
00:20:55 - DSP VS Kaine
00:21:56 - DSP VS Giant Shade
00:22:35 - Seafront
00:25:45 - DSP Uses Cheese Tactics to Beat Giant Shade
00:28:18 - Clown in Nier's Village
00:29:38 - Using the Boar to Cheese the Fragile Package Delivery Mission
00:32:50 - On the way to Junk Heap
00:34:36 - Junk Heap
00:49:50 - DSP VS Junk Heap Boss
00:52:32 - DSP Ruins It: Nier Telling Boy About the Boy's Mother Dying
00:54:44 - DSP Experiences Bugged Camera Mechanics
00:56:02 - DSP VS Aerie Boss
01:05:08 - Returning to Nier's Village
01:05:39 - On the Road to Facade
01:06:04 - Facade
01:07:48 - On the Road to the Barren Temple
01:08:08 - Barren Temple
01:17:20 - Barren Temple Boss
01:20:09 - Back to Facade
01:21:08 - Dream Letter
01:24:04 - Deathdream in Forest of Myth
01:36:27 - Back in Nier's Village
01:37:04 - On the Road Back to Seafront
01:37:43 - Repairing the Canal at Seafront
01:44:57 - Ending

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