These Emergency Landings Should Be a HUGE Eye Opener [Southern Flights - A Case for Flat Earth]

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
23 Jun 2022

⁣These Emergency Landings Should Be a HUGE Eye Opener [Southern Flights - A Case for Flat Earth]

Southern Flights PROVE Flat Earth

Source videos:

16 Emergency Landings
by Eddie Alencar (PDF)

Shane's Two Cents:
Its not the shape that matters, and its not really the lie. The understanding of where we changes everything. Here is how
its the difference between all of humanity thinking they are meaningless, unimportant specs on an unimportant planet surrounded by trillions of others just like it, spinning a billion miles an hour out of control through an endless vacuum in a universe without GOD. OR...
THe bulk of humanity understanding this place was CREATED, and thus has a CREATOR. WE are DIVINE. We are Special. We are POWERFUL and connected. No one has any authority over that you do not give to them. Evolution is bullshit. There are no other places like Earth anywhere.

The people in the first world are much more prone to hedonism, materialism, atheism, selfishness and by extension, evil.
A world without God is exactly what these evil fucks have been steering us to for who knows how long now, and the heliocentric model they invented was a hugely important tool.
This should answer all questions and refute any obvious objections you may have right now
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Are flat earthers insane? Are they delusional idiots, so convinced of the wrong belief that they all become very passionate truth seekers and activists that want nothing more than to spread their ideas for the benefit of all humanity? No. Flat earthers are you. They are me. They are everyone and just because some people are indoctrinated into the heliocentric model of earth from a young age and still have a hard time letting go because of it, doesn't mean that those of us that know the truth about this world are going to give up on them. They are family. Whether you know it or not, you and I are referred to as "useless eaters" in the eyes of the self proclaimed leaders of the world. They wish to destroy us and the things we love in order to reduce the population to a more desirable number that's easier to steer and control. We must unite before it's too late and stand our ground if we have any chance at a future without one world totalitarian rule. We are taught that the earth is a cosmic accident and that life is meaningless because it's the only way to continually use us as batteries to power their economy, which is the real life matrix. If we all knew the truth about where we are and where we come from, their would be a revolt overnight and the government that you know today would not exist in the morning.

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