There will be a U-turn on the mad vaccine mandate for NHS staff

Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors
16 Jan 2022

⁣Mandates are illegal. They could never win implementing them. It was always a case of people holding their nerve and understanding their rights. Do not forgive the people who have been involved in the pandemic, they know exactly what harm they committed, even got knighthoods for it. Evil everyone of them. Millions bullied into taking this… no informed consent given, it’s a crime. I think it's a tough few months ahead, but if the awake amongst us hold the line there's definitely a change coming.

Richard Tice tells talkRADIO TV listeners and viewers that one of the main changes for 2022 will be a U-turn on the vaccine mandate for NHS workers. This comes after it was reported that a London hospital could lose 1,000 staff members if they do not get vaccinated, its chief executive has acknowledged after a doctor challenged the Health Secretary about rules on mandatory jabs for NHS workers. Head of King’s College Hospital (KCH) Dr Clive Kay accepted he was “worried” as around 10% of approximately 14,000 workers at the hospital are yet to receive a first dose. Dr Kay said his job was to “encourage staff to get vaccinated” after Sajid Javid was questioned by Steve James, a
consultant anaesthetist on the ICU ward, during a visit to the hospital.


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