The WHO Pandemic Treaty - What It Really Means

Jess Sosnoski
Jess Sosnoski
18 May 2022

⁣The WHO Pandemic Treaty - What It Really Means...
Trump/patriot-friendly free speech social media & video sites... -

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DuneDrifter 1 month ago

England is a democracy. We don't take any orders from non-elected bods. Too many idiots like this one just read and believe everything they are told. Example what is missing from the vocabulary being used are things like "the WEF are TRYING / ATTEMPTING" to make us do something. He and many MSM front desk paid up propaganda merchants give the appearance we the people are powerless to do anything about anything and we must obey, accept it and suck it up. The reality is WE are powerful. Parliament is not sovereign, the people are. Even if they, the politicians who serve US, sign an agreement, it is up to US, to show why an unelected body of over eaters does not have jurisdiction over you or me and all other ordinary people who live on these ancient shores who have lived for 2000 years with tried and tested laws. The only way these treaties can be ratified is if we the people let it happen. Grow a back bone and stand against these fanciful dreams like those of the WEF, destroy the digital passport. In doing so they will control nobody and they will be very unhappy.

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