The Voting Scam Disaster - Bowne Report Jul 19, 2021

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
19 Jul 2021

⁣The Voting Scam Disaster - Bowne Report Jul 19, 2021

The Trump Derangement cult never got the help they desperately needed. Untreated mental illness can lead to brain damage. Ironically, the mass mental illness was rewarded with the installation of a brain damaged compromised puppet willing to say anything to catapult the Democrat’s bid towards one party rule and the transformation of America from a sovereign nation into a New World Order territory.

Biden’s army of liars are marching on. Pushing a voting agenda mired with half truths and intentional obfuscation.

But the Texas Democrats who fled the Lone Star state in direct violation of their responsibilities to do the work of the people were met with American providence in Washington D.C.

All fiveTexas Lawmakers were fully vaccinated from Covid. Meanwhile the horrible truth about actual voter suppression in blue states like Connecticut, New York, Rhode island and Biden’s home state of Delaware for example continue to be ignored. If the Jim Crow 2.0 argument is applied to their states where no early voting is allowed, All of the deceptive bluster over the Republican's voting bills that actually make voting more legitimate have revealed that Democrats oversee the most restrictive voting in America. And that’s exactly the way the Democrats want it.

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