The Vaxx Is The Death Weapon, Will People Ever Figure It Out? Probably Not, Liberals Are Deranged

Aimless News
Aimless News
17 Nov 2021

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Sources used in video:

Mockingbird media -

Liberalism is a mental disorder -

After Bill Gates says we need new vaccines, here ya go -

Fauci flip-flops again, get rid of this idiot -

100% vaxxed and now they cancel Christmas -

Same thing in Ireland -

Why doesn't every town do this -

Just change the meaning and use word salad, the dummies won't notice -

Media scrambling to explain away heart attacks -

Newsome won't vaxx his kids, because he knows what's going on -

Here's the reason they don't vaxx their own kids -

NIH wants their share of vaxx profits, how can a govt agency be making money on this -

Another incompetent idiot in Potatoheads admin -

Waiting 16 hours for an ambulance -

This case should of been thrown out -

Is this guy a terrorist -

Global warming not cooperating -

Steve Inman -

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deplorabledean 2 months ago

why do the blacks continue to let the left use them, talk down to them and treat them like children?? It is sad to watch!!!

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