The Vaccine Death Report

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
07 Oct 2021

⁣‘This is not a vaccine, this is an experiment to change the genes of humanity.’

I have included this new information in the updated version of the Vaccine Death Report. Make sure to download it and share it with all your local officials, be it law enforcement, health care, education or politics.

You find all their contact information online. Do a quick search and help save humanity!

We have to show them what they are doing, by mandating these genetic experiments. Most of them are simply hypnotized and totally blind. Shock them wide awake, by sending them the Vaccine Death Report.

Also send them the page with the video and photos that shows the mutated babies. We have to wake the world up. If we don’t do it, who will? So rise up and do something!

Watch the video of the mutated babies here, download it, and share it wildly.

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Endtimes1952 3 months ago

I think the lady talking has a U-tube channel. Does anyone know her name?

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3 months ago

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