⁣The Untold History of the United States Chapter 9 Bush & Clinton - Squandered Peace and New Wor

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
20 Apr 2021

⁣The Untold History of the United States Chapter 9 Bush & Clinton - Squandered Peace and New World Order
The US invasion of Panama canal brings about a failed chance at peace after the end of the Cold War. How far is the George W. Bush administration willing to go to establish security? A new prospect of "endless war" in Iraq and Afghanistan causes a shift in America's status with the world.
Bush & Clinton:Squandered Peace and New World Order is the penultimate episode of the documentary series.In it,Oliver Stone and his collaborators explore the global role of the United States in world affairs.
It was once again of said that the U.S is policing the world as it get involve in wars in different parts of the world that somehow led to the 9/11 attacks despite the end of the Cold War after the demise of the Soviet Union during the time of President Bill Clinton and most especially during President George W.Bush's time in the White House particularly his doctrines of endless war in both Iraq and Afghanistan and the decline of the U.S. economy that unfortunately headed towards the Great Recession that decrease opportunities for majority of the American people.
As for the conspiracy discussed,Stone also provided some presentation about the New World Order as well as the new fortress in the U.S. military particularly the National Security Agency or N.S.A. that was responsible in preventing terrorist attacks to the nation.It was said that the agency somehow abused the liberties and freedoms that Americans enjoy as they invaded their privacy by eavesdropping through them when making phone calls and using the internet.Aside from that,the real motive of the involvement of the United States in the Iraq War was more about W's personal vendetta against Saddam Hussein's failed assassination of his father,former President George H.W. Bush rather than being involved with Bin Laden during the 9/11 attacks.It also blamed the Bush administration for its incompetence as to why the attacks happened and that the U.S. has no business waging war in Afghanistan when it was the Saudis who kept Osama Bin Laden rather than Afghans.

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