The Truth about Preventing Tyranny - Civil Disobedience as Safeguard of Freedom Preventing

Shane St Pierre
Shane St Pierre
07 Apr 2021

"Obedience can Kill. It was not rebellion or disregard for law that sent hundreds of millions to an early death but the fact that in these countries people obeyed too much. They obeyed laws that were immoral and accepted commands that were socially destructive. The horrific experiences in these countries taught us a very important lesson, but one that has quickly been forgotten. Sometimes it is obedience, not disobedience, that is the true crime."

When FEAR is used as a weapon, arm yourself with knowledge!~
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John Leckrone
John Leckrone 6 months ago

A standing ovation for this awesome video. Keep up the great work I did a video along these lines which you can see here. Thanks again!

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