The Takedown Is Now In Full Motion

Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrors
12 Jan 2022

source : truthandarttv
There's a lot of important information here..
Even though the Legal System is weaponised against the people it's gonna struggle to stop this..

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JCieslak79 4 months ago

Peek the wrinkled flag behind the Fed. Wrinkled flag = traitor. Go back to when the Fake Bye-done regime got their "Covid shots". All had wrinkled American flags behind them

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jasonsmith 4 months ago

i like the info, but this guy needs to chill with the hole "im right others are wrong" i dont think any of us in this freedom movement know everything.... we are of course all going to be right and wrong... its not a competition bro haha... but the intel is good, looking very very close to the whole thing going boom.

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