The Spiritualosopher's Rosetta Stone - A Mystic Hip Hop Philosopher Steez Mix ((432))

Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli
19 Oct 2021

Plenty of lore around the intriguing mystery about the Philosopher's Stone, as well as the Rosetta.. Many seekers in the past seemed to be motivated by money, fame and power- how cliché right? haha.. On top of that, many accounts & tales are told about these things from the biased & limited minds of the materialist fantasizing about a magic elixir, crystal or formula that would manifest financial wealth for them.. How'bout this: you are your own philosopher's stone! you are the crystal, you have within you the capacity and capability to transform, transmutate, transcend, and metamorphosize into a krystened being of golden consciousness.. You are more powerful and consciously complex than crystals.. i love crystals, don't get me wrong, but the new age notions have led people to mistreat them like a spiritual crutch, instead of a tool & conscious companion.

There were a few ways to go about this mix, which resulted in me diverting a certain set of songs for projects to come in the future, while merging the rosetta stone and philosopher's stone ideas, references and concepts into the same musical mixture as my latest featured fixture. I'm not claiming to know a ton about this stuff, but it's to get the listener (including myself) curious and encouraged to delve into ancient philosophy, alchemy, and other knowledge that helps one on their path of self discovery and improvement.. This mix is a bit convoluted and disorienting, kinda like tripping down the rabbit hole without a firm foundation of prerequisite knowledge, moving between history and his story to figure out the real, where minds long before us went wrong in their experiences, which allows us to use those lessons to further our evolution and the whole of humanity as well

playing on the rosetta stone aspect of language expansion, i thought it'd be fitting to have some talented linguists showcased who have certain levels of knowledge and awareness about spiritual & philosophical (spriritulosophical) principles that can help key in humanity towards higher consciousness thus improve all aspects of life..

From one of the photos i used in the video, there's much more info and many info graphs that expand one's understanding of many things about consciousness & Natural Law from that source- here's the video since we're on the topic of the philosopher's stone, but you'll see the link for his website there:

something i find interesting and possibly a bit ironic is how i've observed (including myself at times) people getting into occult knowledge, mystery school traditions, esoteric or exoteric philosophy, etc: they get into them but they remain somewhat mystified or not integrated the knowledge into themselves, or just plain remembered from within and heard the confirmation, thus unlocking blockages of innerstanding..
We get into these things, but can forget to apply them to our well being, or we don't prioritize knowledge of self before getting into such things, or bypassing proper initiation into them with trusted sources and/or people/guides..

I would like to delve more into alchemical aspects of self and nature, like spiritual and herbal alchemy.. These things take time, energy, devotion, persistence, openness, pre-requisite knowledge, etc.. if not done properly, one can seriously damage themselves, either physically or mentally, which is why it's important to really understand what you're getting into with these things.. This album is a concept album meant to wet the appetite for digging deeper into these teachings, sciences, etc to better ones'-self in the end.. Spiritual alchemy is about ascension- converting your base-level consciousness into golden consciousness and maintaining a stellar personality on a multidimensional level from there on out..


Transformation All Stages - Bay Area Art Collective
Zen - L'Roneous ft. by Elusive
Art of Facts - Nu Vision Project x Asop x Sethikus Boza x Manly P Hall
Alchemist - Mr Traumatik
4 All Y'all - Conspirituality ft. Ndidi Cascade
Primordial Knowledge - Kalki
Hare Krishna (King Britt Funke Remix) - Tony Scott x Rosetta Redacted
Rosetta Stone - Sub Conscious
That's The Way - Jewels Hunter
Ancient Bell (Philossilized Stone ReFix) - Living Alliance Of Love
High Plains Spin Drift - Asop ft. by Elusive
Occult Vocalist - R.I.Z.
The Vision - MOOD
Escoteric Sorrow - The Goods
Son of Saturn - Secrets of The Golden Flower
Transmutation (Ecclesiastic Kybalion) - Illuminati Congo
Philosophers Stone Age - The Lost Children of Babylon ft. White Lotus
Rosetta Redux (intermission) - Various
Lighthouse Blue (Revealing the False Light) - Eligh x Sethikus Boza
Dark Side of The Sun - Labtekwon
Night & Day - Of Mexican Descent
Universe @ My Fingertips - Very
Philosophy Heals The Soul - Tonedeff
Philosopher's Stone - Courage
Outro - Meditate

mixed in 432HZ on 9/1/21 in La Ciotat by Derek Bartolacelli


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