The Science of Confusion - A Mystic HipHop Journey Beyond Manipulation ((432))

Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli
01 Jun 2022

Within the multitudes of manipulation, there's a science to it and we can recognize certain patterns in order to avoid getting caught up in the miasma & collective unconsciousness. Can you end the trance, or transc-end past the illusions that's lead to so much confusion? How can we reach those who are under this type of hypnosis where they feel they're certain as to what they know to be true when in actuality, their worldviews have been poisoned beyond belief?
It's a slumber party out there and the majority of the world's population is behaving according to their distorted views of themselves, others and the world.

Here's the formula: control the minds of the population that provokes certain emotions to drive people to behave certain ways.. Basically what mind control ultimately comes down to and why it's so pervasively used is that the "controllers" want us to manifest the reality they want thru us. If one's mind is controlled (not by the individual), then their emotions and actions will not be true.. First Cosmic Law Principle of Mentalism- there is no escaping or avoiding this.

Who's causing mass confusion besides the mainstream media? think tanks, social engineers like tavistock, the occultocracy, government, religions, re-written history to "his" story, and a barrage of toxic substances we're continuously subjected to and consume which can degrade our mental and physical health.

And then there's the next level of manipulation for all those free thinkers out there to get caught up in bottomless rabbit holes, confused by controlled opposition, co-intel pro, and a great deal of new age deception to keep the truth seekers distracted, divided & caught in negative feedback loops..

This is kinda like musical reverse engineering of the psychological manipulations we’re subjected to in order to expose it for others to realize the treacherous falsehoods and rise above them.. it’s never enuff to just be aware of these things but to use that knowledge in right action and non-compliance/consent

Key Terms to look into for more understanding:
Controlling the Narrative
Hegelian Dialect
Gordian Knot (top right image on album cover)
Stockholm Syndrom
Cognitive Dissonance
Scarcity Based Mind Control
Emotional Mind Control
MK Ultra/Naomi
Alice in Wonderland programming
Ego attachments to falsehoods
Empowering Soulutions:
Apophatic Inquiries
Shadow Work
Spiritual Alchemy
The Trivium

This is a follow-up project to a mix i put out last year titled The Dilution of Confusion:
Other similar mixes:
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More Tracks than usual in this mix, but it's been a minute since the last and I'm kinda consolidating certain types of themed mixes as I wanna shift more focus towards soulutions and matters of the mind, heart & spirit.. It is important to recognize the full dynamic spectrum of how we are subjected to a multitude of manipulations so that we can avoid suffering, not be hindered by them, rise above them and bring others with us. It's a free will choice and people can ignore or play down such ****ies to their own consequences.


Intro - Prefuse & Prodigy (rip)
Soundtrack - Krewcial
Science of Chaos (Kegs Remix) - Emanon
Brain Washers - Blackaliscious ft. Ben Harper
Life - Mr Traumatik x Sethikus Boza
Confusion - Bookworm
Pawns & Robots - Orakull
Messengers of Deception - Jewels Hunter
What Was The Cause - Per Aa Ra
Lost In The Shuffle - One Be Lo
Hieroglyphic Acorbatix - Ka Zodiak
Araingus (snippet) Mystik Journeymen
Every Reason Why - Freestyle Fellowship
Twisted Reality (remix) - Devamps ft. Tidal Friction
Verbal Interference - Mentors of The Aurora
Drums of War - Defiance & Def Juice
Centerpiece - Semiotics x Ian Crane (RIP) & Mark Devlin
Science Must Progress - Fundamentals
Yell Out - Anacron
Psychology - Dead Prez
Who Else? (snippet) - Eligh
Subconscious Wilderness - Son Of Saturn
Kropz - Blinded Society
Sensibilities - Long Lost Relative & Sundiata
The Lack Thereof - Jewels Hunter ft. Graves
Tiye Selah Interlude - DJ Child
Confucius Said What? (snippet interlude) - Various Artists
Wide Asleep - Gel Roc ft. B-Squid & Regret
UsE YOUr CoNFusion - Jugganots
We Stand Alone - Blueprint Crew
Too Fast - San Francisco Street Music
Ka Auditron Ba - Child Woman & Man
Propaganda - Dead Prez
Sidewalk Whispers - Kaotic Souls
Electroshock Therapy - Mystik Journeymen
Reflexions - Bliss
Release It - Emphasize ft. Trust One
Riddles - Presage ft. Dose One

Arranged, Mixed & Produced in 432Hz in San Rafael, CA, on 06/01/22 by Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind


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