The Rothschild Family & The Epstein Network

Helio Wave
Helio Wave
16 Jan 2022

Tonight, we are talking about the Rothschild Family and their connection to the Epstein network. Apart from discussing the Rothschild family history - Lynn forester de Rothschild is playing a major role in The Great Reset – advocating for stakeholder capitalism and working with the pope on their global scheme.

However, her and her family’s times to the blackmail rings, Epstein, and corruption need to be discussed. One thing is for sure – the Rothschild’s have been involved in much of the worlds strife and have been conducting business behind the scenes for centuries. The Rothschild family can be directly linked to the development of said scene.

They are the system.

Even now, through their ownership in places like Blackrock and Vanguard, they will, again, have an outsized role in the new system that is being built. Although things are changing…many will soon find out that nothing has changed.

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Mark Alan King
Mark Alan King 4 months ago

The Rothschild Family is the head of the NWO snake .... great job shinning the light on these devils ..... trump and biden are just paid actors and distractions

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