23 Sep 2021

For free pdf guide on heavy metal nanoparticle detox check out this page
Or for my trusted Zeolite supplier for heavy metals and RADIATION detox check out ⁣
Yes, this is actually a term used in the field of electricity. Look up corona discharge. Or electrical meaning of corona. Of course I must also state the obvious in relationship to this 5G relationship to Covid 19 and the dangers of heavy metal toxicity making us all susceptible because most people are overlooking this and being distracted with the whole virus narrative. This is my opinion but needs to be looked at closely!!! I recently began a heavy metal detox when I noticed my collarbone was magnetic and no I haven't taken the shot they giving out but I got it from either shedding or food. Either way it caused my alarm to ring, and I did some research found some info on NAC maybe helping to detox before I ran across natural zeolite which is used to detox heavy metals and even RADIATION TOXICITY from nuclear fallout which is impressive alone. Also it has a negative charge naturally making it act like a magnet to attract toxins and trap them in its porous or cage-like.structure for safe removal from your body. I hope this info helps someone because most people think its funny to be magnetic and haven't figured out that the more metal in them the more susceptiblle you'll be to the 5G Covid 19 Radiation poisoning. Why else would they put a SUPERCONDUCTOR(graphene oxide) in the jab if they didn't want to amplify 5G effects or 4G for that matter? So I would start heavy metal detox ASAP. Zeolites in my opinion is the best but be careful most are junk zeolites that they pulverize making it useless or harmful even. Here is my trusted quality supplier By the way I am no longer magnetic but I also took NAC. Hope this helps.. Protect yourself

DISCLAIMER:This is not medical advice and I don't give nor can give medical advice. Seek a licenced doctor for medical advice. This is for educational and informational purposes based on my own personal experience and opinion. With that said I hope it helps someone.

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