The Powers That Be - Universal Hip Hop Mixtape ((432))

Derek Bartolacelli
Derek Bartolacelli
20 Oct 2021

We’re not going over like a broken record that so many have played and exposéd about those fake counterfeit powers that wish they’d be, we're highlighting some of the powers within ourselves and within what is inherent in Nature/Neter/Spirit.. We Need to stop giving our power away and at the same time reclaim what's been relinquished- knowingly or not..

The powers that be/are: soul power, the power of universal law, power of the mind, power of emotion, power of imagination, powers of The Generative Principle, the power of love.. they are all the multi-dimensional powers..

This music mix is designed to be a very motivational & uplifting that doesn’t get too far out there with unrealistic fantasies about superhuman powers and things..
Yea there's some tracks that reference "DMT spirit molecule entheogens"and what not, but despite being great tools used properly to help open doorways and vistas of your inner consciousness, they are ultimately crutches.. same goes for crystals, incense, etc..

We need to stop searching outside ourselves for the answers, the power, the love, the motivation, the care and compassion- virtually all of us could use a mega dose of self worth/improvement/empowerment.. that would be a great gift to give to yourself, something that would last lifetimes..

there's some notions to god power and that we are gods- not trying to appeal to ego here.. everything is a fractal/frequency of god source- we do not "play god" unless we want to suffer, basically..

The power to overcome your ego, your nemesis, your demons, your voices in your head, your shortcomings, your lack of purpose, your stagnation, your complacency, your shadow self, your coulda woulda shoulda's.. That's the power of inner work and spiritual alchemy well worth investing your energy and focus into.. we do get out what we put in to these practices for sure and there's no final resting place, so stay humble and hungry, but not stressing or feeding the process in doubt, pessimism, victim-hood, etc..

When you come to certain points of awakenings/activations/empowerment/vibratory shifts, etc. you'll feel certain codes of consciousness come online within yourself and (at least in my experience) become more intuitively aligned to Natural Law/The Law of One/Moral Law, etc. and the Principles therein.. That's just the beginning! it's a science that we're learning to work with on the physical plane at an individual level & the macrocosm, like the good 'ol Law of Correspondence.. Spiritual workshops for lifetimes with all of this and too complex for me to digress ever so vaguely in this limited description box.. haha

More to explore about this subject matter- Natural Law, Cosmic Consciousness, Morality:

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Powers of Nature - Bicasso
Unorthodox Ambition - Kalik Scientific ft. Kil Ripkin
Divine Right - Deep Breeze
Brainstorm (snippet) - Scienz Of Life
Powers - Mr Traumatik
Powers That Be (Snap! remix) - Hieroglyphics
Natural Law - Sage ft. A.N.T.
The Powers of Natural Law ◊ 9 Aether Odyssey
Truth & Power - Mister Mode & Ugly Mac Beer
Divine Powerz Again - Scienz Of Life
Revival - Beyond Reality
Zephyr - Historian Himself
Starz (snippet) - El*A*Kwents
Metahertz - Kalki
God Fractal - Zak & What Army?
iPower - Pep Love ft. Scott Thompson
Square One (Higher Powers) - Nomadik Mind Travlers
Boundless - Darkleaf
Power - Eclipse 427
Take My Love - Jewels Hunter ft. Maker
Donny McCullough - From The Heart
Power Moves 2000 (snippet) - Jahi
Neva (snippet) - Kubiq
Liquid Cement (snippet) - Mystik Journeymen
Seen A Vision ((snippet) - I-Power
Sol Power - Sol Uprising
UniSol - L*Roneous ft. Cait La Dee
Test Me - Radio Citizen ft. Ursula Rucker
Live with Sol Uprising
Divine Powers (snippet) - Scienz Of Life
The Beginning - Nite N Dae x Sethikus Boza & Mark Passio

Arranged, Mixed & Recorded in 432Hz in Quimper, France on 23/3/21 by Derek Bartolacelli aka AwakenYaMind

Natural Law Is King

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Geovanni Geusippe
Geovanni Geusippe 1 month ago

Just do It. power thy self, with these joints in this 1 track.

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