The power of a kiss. Original spoken word poetry. Original poem read by the author John Leckrone. 77

John Leckrone
John Leckrone
03 Apr 2021

THE POWER OF A KISSI still remember her very first kiss.The power it had and that feeling I miss.The beautiful woman that would change my whole world.So many years have passed as our lives were unfurled.The electrical current that cut straight to my soul.The bond it created as we sought mutual goals. The power of a kiss with a real purpose behind it.The heart wrenching emptiness whenever denied it.That moment in time when my whole world would change.It amazes me still, the fire it lit and how far was it's range.The core of my being was awakened that very day.How my heart was broken when she went so far away.The questions that lingered I have often asked myself,was this the woman for me or just a memory in my minds shelf?The power of a kiss reached across so very many states.It pulled me closer to her for it's power was far too great.Our hearts were beating quickly for the fantasy was real.For with each others hearts we were destined to steal.It seems like a dream from several lifetimes ago.Does any of it matter now? This I have to know.I know for sure that it did way back then.Yet times do change and passions do end.Know that I love you dearly and that I always will.While my heart seems so empty my hopes really were fulfilled.When fires turn to embers and then they burn to ash.Those memories from long ago are forever my secret stash.When one has to leave that which is so very dear to them.Buried deep within my memories that I know will never end.The power of that kiss accomplished that which it was meant to do.You and I did change the world with a love known by so very few.So as I go to sleep tonight with the memories of our life.Know that I am thinking of you and it cuts me like a knife.

Original poem by John LeckroneAll rights retained.

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